Some things that people have said about Françoise Hardy

Jean-Christophe AVERTY
Elle tranchait avec toutes les autres souris qui défilaient dans la production des 45 tours des années 60. (She stood out clearly from the procession of young girls producing singles in the Sixties.)

Mon transistor s'illuminait quand elle passait à la radio. (My transistor lit up when she was on the radio.)

I was for a very long time passionately in love with her, as I'm sure she's guessed. Every male in the world, and a number of females also were, and we all still are.

Elle est un peu givrée, j'en suis la preuve vivante; le meilleur duo que nous avons fait c'est Thomas; ce qui compte, c'est de durer, point! (She is a little daft, I am the living proof; the best duet we have done is Thomas; what counts, is to last, not!)

Françoise HARDY
Si j'avais mesuré 1m20 et pesé 100 kilos, je n'aurais certainement pas fait la même carrière.
(If I had been 4 feet tall and weighed 15 stone, I would certainly not have followed the same career.)

Malcolm McLAREN
She was the ultimate pin-up of most hip, Chelsea, beat bedroom walls, and I know for a fact, many of the groups who were notorious and slowly becoming successful, such as the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones and Mick Jagger, the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and many other groups all were desperately interested in having Françoise Hardy become their girlfriend in some way.

La fille idéale, belle, romantique, sexy et fière. (The ideal girl, beautiful, romantic, sexy and proud.)

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