Francoise Hardy: The garden of Jane Delawnay (1972)

This is from her 1972 Album If You Listen. It was written, and the music composed by Tobias Boshell of the Trees, a British folkrock group of the time. It was first released in 1970 as part of their album, and called after the song. It's haunting and sung beautifully, though it's hardly necessary to say that. One good thing is that unlike some other of her albums from this time, it can be got readily enough from any online store.

The Garden of Jane Delawnay

The poet's voice lingers on
His words hanging in the air
The ground you walk upon
Might as well not be there
Might as well not be there

I'll take you through my dreams
Out into the darkest morning
Past the blood-filled streams
Into the garden of Jane Delawnay
Into her garden now

Through the rose if there
Don't pluck it as you pass
Or the fire will consume your hair
And your eyes will turn to glass
Your eyes will turn to glass

In the willow's shade
Don't lie to hear it weep
Or its tears of gold and jade
Will drown you as you sleep
Will drown you now

Jane Delawnay had her dreams
That she never did discover
For the flow that feeds the streams
Is the lifeblood of her lover
Is the lifeblood of her lover
And the purifying beams
Of the sun will shine here never
While the spirit of her dreams
In the garden lives forever
Lives forever now

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